Impact of Personal Data Protection Bill on the Health Insurance Market

July 10, 2021

While the introduction of this bill is in the right direction, certain provisions are a cause for concern as they seek to provide blanket powers to the state. Additionally, provisions for data localisation, cross border data transfer restrictions and compliances are expected to add a significant financial burden on insurers.

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Why Indian Voting System Needs to Change

September 11, 2020

Democracies need to evolve both to cater to the needs of citizens and meet demands of the new generations. In this regard, India has been debating over the issue of Proportional Representation (PR) versus First – Past – The – Post (FPTP) for decades.

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Understanding the Phenomena Called ‘Middlemen’

September 15, 2019

The middlemen thus give traction to voices that would otherwise be not heard owing to their distance from the state that still exists. They enable thousands, if not millions to avail social protection that is guaranteed as laws.

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UBI: The maze nobody is willing to enter

August 27, 2019

With about 60% of the Indian Population involved in agricultural work and agrarian distress being an omnipresent issue, it’s high time for the Government to recognize and deliver a means to the section of individuals that will curb inequality to a considerable extent.

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Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

June 25, 2019

Contrary to the belief that industrialisation ubiquitously gives rise to wealth disparity, by allowing capital owners to keep accumulating excessive profits, in the last 25 years the world has seen a converging trend in equality. However the most populated countries, China and India, have seen a general rise in inequality.

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Do we need hierarchies: In government and beyond?

June 15, 2019

Many researchers, in the past, have investigated the underlining relationship between
hierarchies and productivity in organizations. I am particularly interested in how hierarchies
play their part in Government set-ups and if at all it enhances or negatively affects

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Poverty, Inequality, and Politics: Are we missing the link?

May 12, 2019

Actors, in any society, who share similar interests, bond together and after holding considerable representation, power and wealth, mobilize less advantaged groups. Representation drives politics and mobilization of the less privileged translated into welfare schemes.

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Do we honestly attempt to choose the ‘Best One’ in a Democracy?

April 15, 2019

Irrespective of who one supports, everyone emphasizes on the fact that one must vote. Each vote counts. It is the time when citizens feel empowered. They believe they matter. Or, they are believed to do so. But what happens, when you no longer vote as an individual but as one amongst the many in the group.

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Antyodaya SARAL: How Haryana revamped public services delivery

March 8, 2019

How Samagra Governance Consuting implemented one of the largest citizen service delivery transformation program Antyodaya SARAL in the country. This is a citizen service delivery transformation program where more 500 schemes and services of 37 departments of Government of Haryana, have been brought on a single platform.

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