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The Public Economist is a small team of young minds determined to examine each policy and every issue in light of efficiency and equity.

Our Mission

“Maximizing Citizens’ Well-being by;
Assisting Governments in Citizen-centric Policy Formulation and Implementation
Evaluating, Continuously, the Public Policy in the Light of Efficiency and Equity”.

Objective at Hand

Right Now Focusing on the Second Part of Our Mission Statement We Aim at:
Bringing out Authoritative Views Backed by Research and Analysis, Hence Informing Public Opinion on Economic Issues.

How Do We Plan to Evaluate Policies?

● First of All, Description and analysis of the development and implementation of policies
● Identifying potential gaps in the process
● Finally Outlining areas for improvement

Where Do We Want to Go?

Remember the first part of our Mission Statement?
We want to evolve into an Experience-Driven, Good Governance Oriented, Technology Leveraged and Quality Focused Finest Governance Consulting Firm.

The Gap Which We Want to Fill

● Policymaking in India so far has been knowledge-driven while we want to give equal emphasis to experience and knowledge plough-back.
● Leveraging technology to address the challenges typical to our economy while ensuring technology does not result in exclusion.

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The Public Economist does not necessarily agree with views expressed in the articles because these are the personal opinions of authors.  So The Public Economist merely provides them with a platform to express their opinions within Constitutional, Legal and Public Moral limits. Most importantly, this is not a traditional media platform to criticise policies or get involved in ideological-political debates. In contrast, we view The Public Economist as a platform for discussing issues related to policy formulation and implementation so that an unrestricted flow of conclusions from such discussions among various stakeholders can be maintained.

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