Sector Series II: Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on the Elderly sector in India

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According to the data of the Centre for Disease Control in the United States, approximately 25 percent deaths in India have constituted the fifty-five and above age group. The worrying factor is that their mortality and morbidity are not dependent solely on the direct effects of the virus, but also on measures like social distancing, travel restrictions, and self-isolation that have a disproportionate effect on healthcare access.

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Why Indian Voting System Needs to Change

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Democracies need to evolve both to cater to the needs of citizens and meet demands of the new generations. In this regard, India has been debating over the issue of Proportional Representation (PR) versus First – Past – The – Post (FPTP) for decades.

Breaking Down the Recent Labour Law Amendments from the Lens of Development Economics

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More than 90% of India’s labour-force is employed in the informal sector, with limited social security benefits. This informalisation of labour-force does more harm than good and has serious repercussions on a nation’s growth patterns. Two basic policy interventions to improve existing labour conditions in developing countries are: a) increasing […]


Informal Sector in Despair Due to the Corona Pandemic: Time to Call Upon Our Central Planner?

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Now, in a nation where nearly 80% of the labourforce is employed in the informal sector, it is hard to believe that government didn’t take stock of these workers’ consumption smoothening patterns and if it really did, maybe it’s time to call upon our central planner: the government!