Will IPRs restrict access to Covid Vaccine?

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The IPR waiver would allow all countries to choose to neither grant nor enforce patents and other IPRs related to COVID-19 drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and other technologies for the duration of the pandemic until global herd immunity is achieved. This move harkens back 20 years to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, when affordable generic HIV drugs, made in countries where patents did not block production, began saving millions of people’s lives.


Why is global growth still fatigued?

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The International Monetary Fund has lowered its global economic growth forecast for the fourth time in nine months as the risks still remain to the ‘downside’. According to World Economic Outlook (WEO) Update July 2019, global growth for 2019 is projected at 3.2 per cent and picking up to 3.5 per cent in 2020.

‘Auto’nomics- Implications of car sales on the Economy.

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Fifteen years ago, the Audis and the Mercedes were reserved for the posh pockets of Kolkata, if at all they could be seen. Over the decade, the high-end cars have become a common sight. Nowadays, an Audi can be seen maneuvering the streets of an upper-middle to middle-class neighbourhood and […]