The Gundlakamma Reservoir Conundrum -a story that narrates about the “behind the scenes” audience

January 14, 2019

Andhra Pradesh, the south-eastern part of the subcontinent, had taken up the ambitious decision to construct the Gundlakamma Reservoir in 2004 in the Prakasam District which was one out of the 74 irrigation projects taken up by the state government for its quick completion within two years. The project envisaged irrigating 80,060 acres and supplying […]

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The Economics of Dissent

December 20, 2018

To anyone vaguely in-touch with the social affairs currently, the words ‘dissent’, ‘protest’, ‘opposition’ and the likes would seem oddly familiar. Activism, it seems, has joined the ranks of hot topics like religion and politics that dominate tea-time discussions. As you glanced through the morning newspaper the other day, did it seem evidently distinguishable that […]

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Poverty can become a thing of past in India

December 12, 2018

Poverty is both the cause and consequence of deep rooted socio- economic problems. Eradicating poverty remains a global challenge and demands a comprehensive and collective approach that recognises the multi-faceted and multidimensional nature of the issue. The United Nations deemed that the first Sustainable Development Goal (SGD1) is to end poverty in all its forms, […]

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The storm after the flood: Sabarimala protests and the misplaced priorities of Kerala

November 21, 2018

There are thirteen ways to look at a blackbird, the poet Wallace Stevens once said. There are different lenses through which one can examine the ongoing protests at Sabarimala that emerged after the Supreme Court verdict lifting the age-restrictions on women for temple entry. The author tries to extract and present the different themes that […]

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