Natural Farming – Key to sustain agriculture

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Natural Farming, as the name suggests, is the art, practice and, increasingly, the science of working with nature to achieve much more with less. It relies more on soil biology than soil chemistry by encouraging multi cropping, round-the-year soil cover, addition of formulation made up of cow dung and urines to trigger the microorganisms in the soil system.

Zero Budget Natural Farming: A stepping-stone or sidestepping of stone to reform?

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The right of farmers to choose their own methodology is what should be advocated, keeping the restrictions and inconsequential nudge as reasonable as possible. The circumstances won’t change unless there is consistency between the price of fertilizers and the farmer’s income, to encourage them to use all fertilizers proportionately.

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Agrigators: transforming farmers’ lives ‘organically’

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Dr.K.Karthikeyan, founder of Agrigators organic Agriculture  farming and retail Project has agreed to shed light on his organic business model for The Public Economist: To introduce myself, My family have a history of more than 100 years in organic Agriculture and Ayurvedic Treatments. I am passionate in organic agriculture to […]